Be Motivated, Inspired and Equipped for

Life and Ministry by Russ Mason's First Two Books! 

BEcoming A CHampIon

A 31 Day Journey Toward Greater Excellence, Leadership, and Success

Becoming a Champion is a 31 day devotional based on the book of Proverbs. It will motivate and inspire you to live at the level of excellence, leadership, and success that God created you to. Click HERE to order your copy today!

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Making Disciples & Leading Small Groups

See, Love, and Disciple People with the Eyes and Heart of God!

More than a Church Ministry or Program, Making Disciples and Meeting in Small Group Settings Should Be a Fun and Exciting Part of Our Everyday Lives. We Pray this Book Will Ignite a Passion in You to Wake Up Each Day with the Desire and Purpose to See, Love, and Disciple Others with the Eyes and Heart of God. Even Now there are People in Your School and Workplace that are Needing and Waiting for Someone to Make a Positive and Eternal Impact in their Life - and that Someone Could Be You. God has an Amazing Plan for Your Life So Allow Him Each Day to Shine Through You to the World Around You! Click Here for the E-book!

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